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Monday September 24th

Our first day here without other family members. Sue listening to Buddhist talks on her headphones through a shaky wi-fi when not engrossed in her book, the gripping wartime spy novel, The Eye of the Needle by Ken Follet. (The book left by Sandra and which I also read in quick time.)

And me trying to make some marks on paper with the art materials I brought from home.


Tuesday September 25th

Getting into a routine. Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the harbour crowded with boats. Every morning it is different from the night before as new boats move in or out. Washing, diaries and emails. Walk down to the square for coffee or iced chocolate. Buy a few groceries and fruit and veg we need and select a pastry for lunch back at the apartment. Maybe a siesta, then Sue her Buddhist practice and me my artwork until time to think about dinner either in the apartment or at one of the many restaurants.

The wind came up this afternoon and by the late afternoon the power had gone out. Christina brings candles. She has rung the mayor. After an hour or so it comes back on. Early to bed.


These drawings started in Vathi on the Greek island of Ithaca in September, 2018.


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